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We didnt get to see much of London (we were only there for a night) however we made lots of new friends while we were there. Carolyn and I stayed with a friend of mine in East Ham. Everyone was so nice! The taxi cab driver let me sit in front with him so I could see how he steered the car (omg.. driving in England is so dangerous.. making a right turn from the left hand side of the road.. with oncoming traffic is just crazy.) Then we met all of my friends house mates (12 people living in one house) and they were nice too.. so polite. We left London Monday afternoon to head for Stockholm. When explaining our trip to others I always said Stockholm would be where we began our travel through mainland Europe. I should have said Stockholm is where we would begin our adventure. From the moment we got off the shuttle bus to they city center, we got lost at 11pm. Our hostel was on an old ferry boat in Old Town and since Stockholm is an archepelgo our ferry was docked off one of the small islands. It was amazing we shared a room with five other people (it was set up for 12 mixed dorm but not everyone showed). When we got there no one was to be found so we dropped off our bags and decided to head for the town. So we had beer and french fries for dinner but it was awesome just the same. When we got back all of our room mates were already asleep however Carolyn and I decided we were going to take the top bunk. I dont know if anyone has ever slept top bunk in a ferry boat but you cant sit up straight otherwise you will hit your head. Which is exactly what Carolyn did like six times (this was after she dropped the hatch on her finger and nearly broke it earlier. lol.. she always gets hurt) So in the middle of the night I hear a load thunk.. The guy in the bunk across from me had tried to get up and hit his head.. I discovered this bc after hearing the noise I jumped up quick as well and hit mine. He and I laughed and went back to sleep. The next day we decided to spend the entire day in the city (our train to Copenhagen.. which is where we are now was not until 11pm that nite). While on our journey of the islands Carolyn and I were sitting down taking in some sun when I spot a steel structure off in the distance. Being the losers that we are we zoomed in on my camera and discovered it was a rollercoaster! It was far away but we decided to make the trek. As we got to Trivolli GunĂ˜r Ponk we discovered it was closed, I was so disappointed. We did learn that the park just celebrated its 125th anniversary.. It was like finding a little piece of home in Sweden. Defeated we decided to walk back towards the train station and have some dinner. We met some cool people along the way, this guy fills regular glasses up with vodka and plays them like a piano.. Later on Carolyn and I were being typical tourists reading a map when we were invited for some tea by these two people who were also traveling through Europe. Im not even going to attempt to spell out there names but one guy lived in Athens Greece! They were both really cool however I was a bit disappointed when they asked me if all women from new york were like the girls in Sex in the City and if I had that many shoes. haha! Its so sad that the perception foriegners have of women from new york is of Carrie Bradshaw.. If only this were true, I would love to have an awesome midtown apt, nice shoes and write best selling books. Alas I have to settle for my blog.
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In Copenhagen now.. I am not impressed yet but hopefully we find something fun to do soon..

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We had brunch at American Bistro today for Joanie's birthday (tomorrow). Wish you were here.
Andrea just sent the blog info.
I will follow you on your trip.
Have a great time - sounds good so far. Except the part about the roller coaster. Too bad.

by auntchris

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